Friday, January 13, 2017

B4SD.WatchDog Application and Service

B4SD.WatchDog Application (updated 2018.11.01)

I wrote a .NET application that can check to ensure a user is logged on a pc (session exists), and if not attempt to create one for the user and alert if unsuccessful.  It also can check to ensure a process exists (for any user or for a specific user), and if not, attempt to restart it under a specified user account on the PC, and alert if unsuccessful.

It is has a windows service that runs at system startup and an administration application to manage everything, and create/update/remove alerts.

<Download Full Trial Setup>
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Main Application View:
Alert Configuration:
Alert Detail (Session Check / Reconnect):
Alert Detail (Process Check / Restart):
B4SDWDOG Service Email Settings Configuration

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