Friday, January 13, 2017

B4SD.WatchDog Application and Service

B4SD.WatchDog Application (updated 2018.11.01)

I wrote a .NET application that can check to ensure a user is logged on a pc (session exists), and if not attempt to create one for the user and alert if unsuccessful.  It also can check to ensure a process exists (for any user or for a specific user), and if not, attempt to restart it under a specified user account on the PC, and alert if unsuccessful.

It is has a windows service that runs at system startup and an administration application to manage everything, and create/update/remove alerts.

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Main Application View:
Alert Configuration:
Alert Detail (Session Check / Reconnect):
Alert Detail (Process Check / Restart):
B4SDWDOG Service Email Settings Configuration

Sunday, September 20, 2015

B4 Systems Design: Connectivity Toolkit v3.0.0

B4 Systems Design: Connectivity Toolkit
* Requires the .NET 2.0 framework

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*Most Recent Updates*
Version 3.0
      + Major rewrite of upgrade integration.
      + Migration of user and application data.
      - Updated the application to run under normal user. (non elevated privileges)
      - Created new autoupdate application.
      - New update functionality and autoupdate integration.

*NEW Major Enhancements*
* Added TCP Pinging to allow you to ping a specific port.
* Redesigned Main View to speed up processing and use dramatically less CPU.
* Fixes to the tracert class and the tracert functions.
* Updated ping class to handle more options and TCP pings.
* Redesigned UI and icons.
* New options including color coding status on main form and popup status in the systray.
* Automatic updater has been upgraded and modified to only update on demand from inside the application.
* Modified the initial Installshield package to install a base version so that you don't need to download the initial version to start.

* Monitors the Connectivity status of the system to key hosts for monitoring, logging, and troubleshooting network connectivity through the ICMP ping protocol and TCP ping tests.
* Statistical data is stored for viewing and analysis.
* Filtering on statistical log file based on keywords as well as Ping Class Rating (Return Time).
* Allows for advanced trace routes to be performed on addresses as well as mapping based on data from the GeoIP database.

* Email alerts sent through SMTP based on “Host Died” status.
* Sorting of the main hosts list by clicking on column.
* Tracert Form
* SMART Tracert functionality to perform tracerts automatically when a host enters a Dead status.
* Updater Checker with automatic update functionality.
* Backup / Restore hosts feature.
* LPD Viewer form to have quick access to Lost Packet Details, Smart tracerts, and other troubleshooting information.
* DNS testing
* Routes Refresher

Planned updates
* Other troubleshooting utilities possibly:
- netstat (identify processes that start and listen for traffic)
- nslookup and dns features
- ipconfig reset (fixes cached dns issues and general connection staleness).
- netsh
- remote execute, remote shutdown, remote view processes, remote kill processes etc.
- internet bandwidth speed test.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

cTail: Caley's Large File Tailer

cTail is an application that allows you to tail any file (view in reverse order).  It allows searching and filtering based upon multiple criteria, and is fast!  Allows reading in a specified filesize from the end for efficient tailing.

It also allows trimming a file (reverse order) saving only the tail (newest) data in an appending log file.  You can specify the trim size.

< Download cTail >

TSAR: Terminal Services Administrative Resource

TSAR is a tool created to help with the adminstration of multiple terminal servers. This functions very similarly to Terminal Services Admin Tool but it is faster and easier to update servers.

< Download TSAR >