Sunday, September 20, 2015

B4 Systems Design: Connectivity Toolkit v3.0.0

B4 Systems Design: Connectivity Toolkit
* Requires the .NET 2.0 framework

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*Most Recent Updates*
Version 3.0
      + Major rewrite of upgrade integration.
      + Migration of user and application data.
      - Updated the application to run under normal user. (non elevated privileges)
      - Created new autoupdate application.
      - New update functionality and autoupdate integration.

*NEW Major Enhancements*
* Added TCP Pinging to allow you to ping a specific port.
* Redesigned Main View to speed up processing and use dramatically less CPU.
* Fixes to the tracert class and the tracert functions.
* Updated ping class to handle more options and TCP pings.
* Redesigned UI and icons.
* New options including color coding status on main form and popup status in the systray.
* Automatic updater has been upgraded and modified to only update on demand from inside the application.
* Modified the initial Installshield package to install a base version so that you don't need to download the initial version to start.

* Monitors the Connectivity status of the system to key hosts for monitoring, logging, and troubleshooting network connectivity through the ICMP ping protocol and TCP ping tests.
* Statistical data is stored for viewing and analysis.
* Filtering on statistical log file based on keywords as well as Ping Class Rating (Return Time).
* Allows for advanced trace routes to be performed on addresses as well as mapping based on data from the GeoIP database.

* Email alerts sent through SMTP based on “Host Died” status.
* Sorting of the main hosts list by clicking on column.
* Tracert Form
* SMART Tracert functionality to perform tracerts automatically when a host enters a Dead status.
* Updater Checker with automatic update functionality.
* Backup / Restore hosts feature.
* LPD Viewer form to have quick access to Lost Packet Details, Smart tracerts, and other troubleshooting information.
* DNS testing
* Routes Refresher

Planned updates
* Other troubleshooting utilities possibly:
- netstat (identify processes that start and listen for traffic)
- nslookup and dns features
- ipconfig reset (fixes cached dns issues and general connection staleness).
- netsh
- remote execute, remote shutdown, remote view processes, remote kill processes etc.
- internet bandwidth speed test.